October 27, 2015

Koch bro. holding off on campaign donations, insider history (WSJ)

Bushes opine on Trump (USA Today)

Jeb targets Marco (TIME)

India & China v West: Who defines ‘Climate change’? (THE WEEK)

Afghan 7.5 quake: 300+ dead and counting (CNN)

USS Lassen sailed China’s new islands, no incident (QZ)

More to the story: Why ‘Follow Your Passion’ Is the World’s Worst Career Advice (Inc.)  · · · →

October 21, 2015

SC Trumped

10-15 polls, Trump 25%, Carson 22%, Rubio 13%

Trump on FOX Biz: Jeb, cancel passports, foresaw 9/11

Buchanan on Establishment hurtles to oust Trump

Reid for Ryan

Syria; Russian airstrike kills 45 w rebel leader

Talk of town: Canada’s new ‘Liberal’ PM

…PM Justin Trudeau and liberal.ca

…Threatens TPP, remains ‘undecided’

…Bloomberg: Canada’s situation

Now History: What ‘Back to the Future II’ got right about tech in 2015  · · · →

October 9, 2015

Jerusalem Post says CNN says Ben Carson says: Hitler took Jews’ guns first

Media reports media’s report that DHS investigates DHS’ IP Wiki edit, McCarthy quits Speaker race

Hannity viz Newt on Speakership (2min Audio)

New, stark & on sale now: anti-drone radio gun ‘death ray’ (story & Video)

‘Game of Islams’: ‘The Bulldozer’ meat cleavers 14 yr old hand and and foot

…China & Russia to the rescue!

Innovation history: Why The Car Industry Needs To Rethink The Dashboard User Interface Design  · · · →

October 7, 2015

If Trump winds, Diller leaves

Clinton email probe expands

Obama not welcome in Roseberg

EU court smacks social media companies, cites Snowden, NSA not allowed to snoop on Europeans

Windows notebook (Video, with loud soundtrack)

Questions: Meat wins: Sustainability won’t factor into the US government’s new dietary guidelines  · · · →