December 2, 2015

Soros group banned from Russia over national security (RT)

Inside politics: Strike force, Obama, Dems, House, Pentagon, Syria, Russia, talk of nuclear threat (NR)

Record: 185K gun sales on Black Friday (USA Today)

SCOTUS to rule on Obamnesty earlier than usual: 2016 will see “United States v. Texas, 15-674” (Bloomberg)

FBI a joker in the Clinton deck (Hill)

Hillarymail: 2016 tabs at State Dept. (POLITICO)

Talk Smart: 11 Words and Phrases Successful People Refuse to Say (Inc)  · · · →

November 20, 2015

House Dems break rank w Obama: 289-137 to halt refugees (LI)

Syrian wives: Refugee men cowards, deserters (UK Mail)

Obama doesn’t read intel reports (RS)

EU diplomat: An entire government regards Obama mentally ill (WJ)

Trump heckler attempted bombing Marine recruiter (GP)

Ohio: Wrong lane-change, traffic stop, credit card fraud, 5 foreign Muslims in county jail (GP-FOX)

Now ISIL with chem weapons (WJ)

NOAA jumped the gun on ‘clie-mate’ reports (GWPF)

GMO salmon (Vox)

Dupside Own: Border wall? More Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than arriving. (WP)  · · · →

October 21, 2015

SC Trumped

10-15 polls, Trump 25%, Carson 22%, Rubio 13%

Trump on FOX Biz: Jeb, cancel passports, foresaw 9/11

Buchanan on Establishment hurtles to oust Trump

Reid for Ryan

Syria; Russian airstrike kills 45 w rebel leader

Talk of town: Canada’s new ‘Liberal’ PM

…PM Justin Trudeau and

…Threatens TPP, remains ‘undecided’

…Bloomberg: Canada’s situation

Now History: What ‘Back to the Future II’ got right about tech in 2015  · · · →