Encore of Revival: America June 29, 2015

Encore of Revival: America June 29, 2015

SCOTUS defined two institutions it has no jurisdiction over: marriage and health care. Marriage is not an institution of government, it’s an institution of religion. With the court’s opinion on Obamacare being what it is, the State and the Federation are one in the same and “Obamacare” is now “SCOTUScare”. This could result in activist States arguing that State Supreme Courts, therefore, have just as much jurisdiction as the Federation’s Supreme Court—not true, but it could go there.

Marriage should not even be a State issue, but a personal, religious issue performed per County and recognized globally. Giving any higher government a say in core family definition paves the say for large companies to commandeer people’s private lives through government. All those people in support of same-sex marriage could lose it all in a future election because they gave up the power of personal choice in order to get what they want more quickly.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, June 22, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, June 22, 2015

Technology could be the undoing of the greedy. The US government was hacked because it is run by people who don’t understand computers as well as they understand bribes and crony capitalism. Congress showed that ignorance and more this week when talking to it’s own bureaucracy and it didn’t ‘t like the non-answers it trains its bureaucracies to give others.

Committee members clearly don’t know what questions to ask about cybersecurity or how cybersecurity even works. “Why wasn’t this information encrypted?” is asked about information that was encrypted or was created by the government before our modern security systems were created and Congress did not update that security. And, “Can you assure the Federal workers that you are going to implement all the recommendations that the IG recommended to you, yes or no?” is asked about recommendations that should not be blanketly implemented without ongoing consultation.

This is the same Congress that is trying to regulate the Internet.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, June 15, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, June 15, 2015

Prayer is on the move with more sacred assemblies. Tax-exempt status won’t last forever in the Church. Though not the full story, hit pieces against Christian ministries like Hillsong will soon go viral and are already starting to.

If Christians in the West prefer the less official fellowship of the East, their Christian fellowship is viewed as substandard. The need for a lesson often invites a lesson.

The pulpit continues to blast people who don’t stay under the pulpit’s watchful eye, and donate regularly. Meanwhile, TB returns to America. What would the Acts 2 Church have done?

Pushing Obamatrade could have been the last straw that broke the Republican party’s back. If either of the two legs of American politics fails, a political revival is inevitable, which will have larger affects to boot.


Ted Cruz Channels Paul Ryan: ‘A Lot of Misinformation’ on Obamatrade That ‘You Can Get on the Internet’

…You read it here first, Cruz isn’t the Republican messiah.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, June 8, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, June 8, 2015

Politics, Church, and police are all changing. The US finally caught a terrorism suspect, it was done by local police who wanted to question him. He resisted with a large “military” knife and was shot dead.

Rand Paul voted against Obamatrade, drawing sharp criticism as much as sharp contrast with the RNC Establishment.

The Church is undergoing fundamental soul-searching. The youth leader overseeing youth ministry in the Assemblies of God had the audacity to say, “Examine yourselves,” concerning parents, pop culture, and media. We’ll see how long his job lasts.

Analysis: By design, Paul stands alone in presidential race

…So many other Republican candidates supported the NSA spying bill. This really makes them look bad and will get a lot of people thinking. Republican party is loosing its grip.

Man under surveillance by terror investigators is shot dead

…The investigation was by local police. The guy had a “large military knife”.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, June 1, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, June 1, 2015

The Church is being called out of it’s slumber. A US Marine was court-marshalled and is making headlines for the words “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” This will have a strong effect. Many Christians are likely to wake up, sober up, and get involved. No more will Christians be quietly tossed aside. For better or worse, easy or difficult, the Church is waking up and that is not news that the devil wants to hear.

‘There’s No Such Thing as Comfortable Christianity;’ NHCLC’s Samuel Rodriguez Urges Spirit-Filled Christians to Speak Up

…Powerful, “get off the couch” sermons reminiscent of revival era preaching.

…Marine Court-Martialed for Keeping Bible Verse on Her Computer

Phoenix Bikers Sponsor ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest on Friday

 · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, May 25, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, May 25, 2015

Changes can be slow at first, but can speed up without warning. An approaching tsunami can be announced by an unusually low tide, which seems harmless until it’s too late. Watch for the trends in America and don’t let yourself get fatigued.

Freelancing is on the rise, indicating that America’s economy is naturally changing into standard labor practices of Jesus’s millennial reign. Everyone should work for himself and drink from his own vineyard. By already moving in the economic direction Jesus will establish, America is already laying in a foundation for lasting economic success.

Jesus’s way is always the best way, though teachers rarely understand. Learning Bible also seems to be decentralizing as Christians grow more and more dissatisfied with Establishmentarian Institutionalism dominating their Bible study and friendships with God.

By relying on a labor force of millions of independently-interdependently operating skilled individuals, the economy will be flexible and adaptive enough to survive and even thrive in the difficult days ahead.  · · · →