Encore of Revival: America, April 13, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, April 13, 2015

Both Right and Left in America have problems. The problem with American Conservatism is that, though it holds to effective values, it uses “tradition” as its defense, rather than wisdom. Not most Conservatives, but many are gruff or condescending on their soapboxes; few Conservatives care. The problem with Liberalism is that it over-prioritizes “permission to play” and under-prioritizes survival through wisdom, self-control, and hard work. Liberals demand more while disallowing what it takes to get more—the Old Testament Pharaoh’s “more bricks, no straw” policy is a prime example. Both Conservatives and Liberals talk about rights without responsibility: the right to work without the responsibility to work, the right to carry guns without the responsibility of high school militia training.

Obama was a learning experience. Elections can have consequences that are not as easy to see as was thought. The Boomers didn’t teach their children about politics. Now, the children are learning the hard way. At least they are learning. Never try, never learn; cheers to trying! Gen Y’s mistakes have taught them more than the Boomers taught them.

Hillary has time on her side, so to speak. Ted Cruz has the truth on his side. Scott Walker has the notoriety of being attacked by Obama and speaks clearly on issues. Rand Paul has a “strategy”, so he told Rush, but the strategy seems to unite Americans in the middle, rather than The People’s Party strategy, which is to promote political values without compromise, yet allow opt-outs. Other nonsense Republicans are tossing their hats in the presidential ring when they should already know that they can’t win.

Police violence is not increasing, but the reports finally are. Public outrage is overdue. Domestic conflict with police could increase soon. Much has gone on behind the scenes that’s unacceptable. Governments have focused on making the police strong, rather than instilling a police culture of humble strength—quicker takedowns and fewer regrets. The police need Jesus. We all do. We’ll find him, one way or another.

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Encore of Revival: America, April 7, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, April 7, 2015

The “Memories Pizza” shop in Walkerton, IN drew much attention the week of April Fools’. The controversy will have ramifications that reach far beyond the issues themselves. This could be the beginning of arousing and informing the “Religious Right” in America.

Rush Limbaugh explained that many people are unaware of how the press conducts and exploits interviews. ABC’s channel 57 may receive some backlash from their own industry, or even their own affiliates, as this story has likely reduced general trust that the public has often placed in the press.

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Encore of Revival: America, August 23

Encore of Revival: America, August 23

Many threats and predictable responses this week. It would be easier for authorities to identify threats if they were allowed to interpret normal people as having an understandable sense of humor, interpret feisty, angry people, who are itching for a fight as possible, unplanned “showdown confrontation” instigators, and wanna-Be’s as willing to tout the appearance of power that they don’t have. Law enforcement’s inability to identify these three different types of people leaves them vulnerable and easy to distract. While the TSA is busy patting-down a 10 year old, airport staff can smuggle box cutters past security.

Balling-up and easily being provoked to “lock-down” mode makes one an easier target. The way to overcome threats, whether disease or violence, is for authorities to keep joy, a sense of humor, wit, ingenuity, and to stay clever. Police and security must learn to differentiate between ordinary people who may have an ill sense of humor and danger threats who have no joy whatsoever and are constantly looking for a reason to feel “important”, even at the expense of someone else.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, August 15

Encore of Revival: America, August 15

This Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet

Glenn Beck Saying: ‘America, Run for Your Lives’

Russia Forces US Submarine Out of Boundary Waters

White students no longer to be majority in school

ESPN Suspends Host for Domestic Abuse Story

‘200-Year Rain’ Dumps Inches of Water on Detroit, Causes Widespread Flooding: ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’

What These Two Cops Are About to Do With These Kids Has Them All Over the News

…Dancing Cops in Kansas City

Maryland Sate Trooper Saves a Man’s Life

‘Miracle’ wind gust in Israel blew a rocket into the sea

He’s a Christian, a Conservative and an ER Doctor: Why He’s Giving Marijuana to His 11-Year-Old Daughter

…Exposing the ridiculousness and depth of legalism—and how it’s phasing out.

Kalamazoo Officer Saves Driver’s Life

Highway police take control over all police operations in Ferguson

Maliki steps down as Iraqi PM

7 Lessons from Ferguson

Ebola scare turns out to be a false alarm in Singapore

Sam Lessin Is Leaving Facebook

Bitcoin Falls Out Of Its Trading Range

Pro-Gun Sheriff Has a Message for Michael Bloomberg After the Billionaire Spent Six Figures Trying to Defeat Him  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, August 1

Encore of Revival: America, August 1

America is on the fast road to hit rock bottom, look up, and see Jesus once again. Here are just a few headlines from recently…


Video: 28 confidential pages in the 9/11 report

…Glenn Beck, Congressman Thomas Massie, move to make these pages public


Glenn Beck viz Jesse Ventura VIDEO

…Ventura sued the estate of a deceased marine sniper for alleged defamation in a book? If Ventura can’t man-up and let people talk smack without smacking back, then where America has backbone issues not even a chiropractor can heal.

Russian Headlines in Abroad

UN says MH17’s downing may constitute war crime

‘My parents are watching from heaven’: Son pays tribute to Hong Kong chef and mother killed on MH17

…a restaurant in Hong Kong affected by MH17

Russia defiant in the face of historic Western sanctions


Temporary lull in Gaza fighting as US, UN up pressure for truce

Left-wing, semi-pro-China newspaper in Taiwan claims that Gaza has a “lull” in fighting after the UN becomes involved…

US ups pressure on Israel as UN demands Gaza truce

…The article the day before the same paper reported the UN had a positive effect on Gaza.  · · · →