Encore of Revival: America, September 21, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, September 21, 2015

You’ll hear Conservative-minded college students say, “Trump is like Obama, touting change and playing populism.” It’s Libertarian professor propaganda. The notion that Trump is “just a business man wanting to make money and may not even finish” is classic envy. Libertarians think they have the hack on politics and money… and Trump spoils that.

Obama fueled hatred while saying “Hope”. Trump fuel’s hope without saying it. Trump and Obama are nothing alike. But the “cool kids” would likely think so.

In the second GOP debate, courtesy CNN and the Reagan Library—Jeb jabbed and gabbed, claiming that Trump still wants Hillary to negotiate, based on one comment from the past. He pulled out the old “you two stop fighting” high school tactic to earn popularity points. He claimed that Trump wanted gambling in Florida under his governorship rather than his predecessor’s. He accused Cruz of hypocrisy for approving two Supreme Justices that he wouldn’t have nominated.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, September 14, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, September 14, 2015

On the eve of 9/11, Republican leadership passed up a strong legal argument to keep money away from Iran. The GOP seems bent on making the case for the third party in elections after 2016. The House, by some contrast, made a symbolic move, but with no power. Republican politicians are a lot better at powerless symbolism than a Kentucky County Clerk is. Kim Davis did something very good, yet no one seems to be saying the real reason why. Right or wrong, she was politically incorrect, something the country needs.

No, she’s not slacking off on her job. But the bigger issue is how various social causes have been pushing their goals and expecting everyone else to instantly get out of the way. They don’t know how to deal with opposition, as if they are entitled to victory without a fight. You should always expect resistance, especially if you’re in the right.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: September 7, 2015

Encore of Revival: September 7, 2015

The counterintuitive results from Trump are not only a critique on American politics, but on the management style taught in corporate America. And, this has serious implications for the Church since seminaries teach pastors from much of the same management style. Of course the establishment is surprised that a self-made success has the support of Blacks and Hispanics. It would be wise if the establishment gave the public more credit than to be so surprised all the time.

The forgiveness of abortions from the Catholic Church will initiate widespread repentance over the abortion issue. It is one more step along the way to revival. Reform always trails repentance.

Tebow is out of football. He just didn’t make it this year. Maybe Christians will follow his lead. A next career is foreseeable, as with many acclaimed, retired athletes. Moreover, it seems almost to be a symbolic foreshadowing—if you can’t do the work, you can’t play in the big leagues.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, August 31

Encore of Revival: America, August 31

Trump is the father America never had. More every day, slams and smears resemble an angry 16 year old trying to get back the keys to the car. Trump answers like a dad who says, “If you want to drive the car, you have to wash it and change the oil.” Americans who grew up in single-family homes and with disrespected fathers don’t know how to respond.

The spy who hacked the Clinton’s is found dead. The Clinton’s are almost as angry about the hacking as MI6—which raises its own questions. When did the Clinton’s and MI6 agree about anything? Not to worry, the British government is investigating whether the spy was able to lock himself in the bag he was found in. A yoga expert was brought in to try, though he failed. Does this foreshadow that Hillary’s ability to lock-in her own election has been hacked?

Ben Carson closes-in, but not against Trump; against the other hopefuls.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, August 24, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, August 24, 2015

The abortion videos will not have an immediate effect, though it will stir up trouble for the abortion Establishment. The real impact will be years in the future after the truth has had time to bake people’s consciences. The same thing happened to anti-work Hippies who slowly filed off and found jobs. Now, Boomers’ children have dumped their affair with non-profit and are moving into a “Make Money” movement. The Huffington Post is even talking about it.

Trump continues to defy poll predictions, “this time”—again. Regardless of the future, he has permanently trained the country that anti-political correctness is the greater political force.

The economic hickup in Asia doesn’t seem to be stopping Chicago from building “Oba Mahal”. A lot of wealthy people lost money, but only the mass media says it’s time to panic. A bounce is likely. Don’t smack any pavement. Revival is on its way.

Donald Trump has already peaked

Poll: Trump grows lead in NC; GOP leads most match ups

7th Shocking Video Catches Planned Parenthood Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive

…cutting a face, a fetus still moving…

Video: Lenexa Police Department addresses the Viral arrest video

The Stunning Evolution of Millennials: They’ve Become the Ben Franklin Generation

The man building Barack Obama’s future  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, August 17, 2015

Trump is the talk of town. Obama is getting donations to leave. Both have plans recently revealed: Trump to deal with immigration through never before seen competency; Obama to network with the wealthy for a $1 billion postpresidential infrastructure.

Foreigners living in America could lead to domestic unrest in more ways than one. Not only is illegal immigration a concern at the southern border, Chinese seem to be disappearing and Obama isn’t happy. Beijing got a warning this week and the White House wants suspicious Chinese to get out fast.

Hillary’s 60+ emails with classified redactions are raising more eyebrows. She shouldn’t be front and center for political potential talk anymore. Concerns should turn to China as well as the economy.

Money forecasters smell trouble, some from China’s slowdown, as well as from dipping commodity markets and international money such as Britain’s 77-month bull, Greece, and the overrated BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)—all indicating smoke on the horizon.  · · · →