Encore of Revival: America, April 18, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, April 18, 2016

Drama and theatrics! Trump and friends complain about the Colorado results long after those results were foretold—August. Generally, Americans have only responded to problems after the fact, never when those problems clearly loomed on the horizon. Trump at Colorado was no exception. Either Trump is incompetent or only complaining after the inevitable results was a brilliant staging of theatrics.

Cruz’s theatrics took their own form this week. In a display that many still can’t digest, once dinner was served, Cruz gave a boilerplate speech for any occasion, after Trump and Kasich gave NY-specific speeches before dinner. His mic kept working at the event, but the live video switched to a house mic, making him difficult to hear. Later, more sound cut out. Yet, not even Cruz’s own campaign chairman pointed out what happened. “Some mic problems” was his dismissive concession when he should have objected. All the brilliant experts had the same false analysis—rather than reporting that the dinner plans and microphone disrupted Cruz, the as-if-choreographed coordinated-like response of the media is that Cruz was wilfully ignored by the dinner audience.

Again, Americans don’t complain at foresight, only in hindsight. Trump and Colorado’s rules, Cruz and dinner being served—everyone acts as if the obvious results were a total surprise. If truly surprised, these news pundits and personalities should resign to make room for better men than they. Conspiracy theories fly, but there is always more going on.

Consider the other conspiracy theory favorites: a staged 9/11 attack, the false Obama birth certificate… While reports of controlled demolition-style explosions and reported evidence of Thermite at Ground Zero seem convincing, the alleged pre-reporting of the second impact by Sky News and the trail of JPEG artifacts behind a plane in the video make it look more like the conspiracy was that a conspiracy be perceived. If Obama’s PDF birth certificate is valid evidence, then the IRS won’t need paper prints for tax audits anymore—unlikely as much as suspicious. But, the presence of PDF layers makes it seem as if someone at the White House wanted it to look like a fake. Once a conspiracy theory includes such obvious blunders, it is no longer valid. Either the alleged conspirators are totally incompetent—and therefore need not be so feared as theorists propose—or there was no conspiracy, only the appearance of one to serve as a rouse.

So, with Cruz and with Trump, such obvious games beg the question: What is everyone up to? Why did Cruz prepare a bland speech for an event where he wouldn’t be heard, where he was reported as being ignored as if he could be heard? Why did Trump act as if what everyone knew from August would happen in Colorado wouldn’t happen?

Consider Paul Ryan: Cruz worked to oust John Boehner. Former VP nominee Paul Ryan “didn’t want” to be Speaker, but is anyway. Now, Boehner recommends Ryan, who “doesn’t want” to be President… and the only reason people are talking about it is because Cruz won’t quit when he’s losing.

The only sure conclusion thus far is: Trump is a master at winning by losing while Cruz continues to be a master at winning by losing while pretending to try to win. That qualifies Trump amongst the most brilliant Commanders in Chief, right up there with wartime presidents W and FDR, who also roused the nation to war after their respective foreseeable attacks. As for Cruz, he is perfect to stay in the Senate. It seems that’s what he wants, whether as Ryan’s VP or as a Senator who continues to help Ryan by losing more battles during a Trump administration.

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Encore or Revival: America, April 11, 2016

Encore or Revival: America, April 11, 2016

Polls aren’t lying. The divisive wind from Wisconsin blows through Indiana. The State GOP is already stacking anti-Trump delegates in hopes of a contested convention; this, despite the fact that polls—which aren’t lying—show 1/3 of Republican voters will turn on the party if Trump leads, but isn’t nominated. The Boston Globe borders on faux news over the border, in an unabashed snowball of anti-Trump efforts. It all perfectly mirrors stage three of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, negotiating, depression, acceptance.

How should we make sense of it all? Of all States, militia-friendly Indiana should be fond of the say-it-in-yer-face Donald. The dissents, however, parallel those of the Bible.

To review: The Bible has over 42,000 documented manuscripts supporting that the original writings are as they were. The only peer that comes close is Homer’s Iliad, with about 500 documented manuscripts. Surmountable archaeological evidence collaborates, enumerates, and elaborates the events of the Bible without contradiction. Jesus’ death and resurrection could not be faked or misreported given the documented witnesses, cohesive accounting of events, and the events as they are reportedly agreed to have happened. All these can be researched as the information is widely available to the public. If the Bible is not real, then novelists should find out how fiction became perfectly cohesive with history without a single footprint of tampering. How many authors do that?

Though dissidents overlook the evidence in their academic-sounding explanations for the Bible as having been allegedly fabricated, they seem to overlook one thing: If the Bible is the first perfectly fake document, shouldn’t academics also focus on uncovering whatever brilliant methods led to a manuscript that can’t be proven false?

Usually, when competent people give high-grade arguments against an idea, but don’t pursue the brilliance their own arguments imply, this indicates that they know their arguments are phony. And usually, this indicates stages three and four of the grief process. It’s like a mother saying to her five year old, “The dog did this? Then we need to call American Idol and audition the first dog who can draw stick figures on the wall.”

The reason people provide convincing arguments against the Bible—even though they don’t pursue those ideas as they would if their arguments were true—is simple. People refuse to believe the Bible, despite the evidence, because, like five-year-olds who don’t know they will get caught blaming their mischief on the dog, they don’t want to change how they live.

The Bible teaches that we should forgive our enemies, remembering that we need no grudges since God is sovereign. It tells us to look after our neighbors just as we look after ourselves. It teaches against breaking wedding vows. And the entire debate on sexual orientation is eclipsed by the Bible’s teaching that we should love God more than anyone else—usually “Christian homosexuals” give arguments that talk more about their desire for human love than their abounding love for God, rendering their “Christian-homosexual” argument irrelevant before it can receive a fair debate. Christians love God first—or did they forget that part?

The Bible is only one example. People reject many ideas and virtues, not because they disagree, but because they don’t want to change their unvirtuous behavior.

What is Indiana hiding? Why is the should-be pro-Trump State so set against the Donald? Consider the agricultural numbers published by the Indiana State government.

According to the report in 2012 from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, 19.4M of Indiana’s 23.3M acres is farm and forest land, 83%. Indiana’s population at the time was 6,537,344; 245,000 worked in the $11.2B agriculture industry. The industry stacks up to $4B in corn, $2.9B in soybeans, $1.2B in pigs, $1.1B in chickens, and $660M in dairy. Each farm averaged 245 acres. According to Statista, Indiana’s GDP that year was $280.49B; according to Indiana University, only about half of the population was working (est. approx. 3.3M in the labor force). Indiana’s produce ranked well in the nation, their staple products often in the top ten.

Do those numbers make sense?

That’s a lot of land and money. If true, 7.4% of Indiana’s labor force contributed to only 3.9% of the economy on 83% of the land, each person bringing $45,700 in revenue. That’s labor union bargaining power! The Democratic lobbyists should be all over Indiana agriculture like fire ants on a sandwich. Yet, according to this, Indiana farming is half as efficient per person as the rest of the State, but makes a lot of money. The remaining jobs in Indiana should bring in an average of $88K per capita per year, on only 17% of the remaining land! Everyone in the USA should be scrambling to work in Indiana where non-farming jobs are worth an average of almost $90K to each employer. So, why aren’t they?

Remember, the reported agriculture jobs were rounded to the nearest thousand while the population figures measure to the ones’ place. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 40% of Wisconsin dairy farms are Latino workers. Were Indiana farm jobs an estimate? Could numbers given to the State Department of Agriculture been somehow incomplete or difficult to verify?

Let’s re-work some numbers. Let’s say that half of the agricultural labor force is from out of State, not being counted in the stats. And, lets say that farm labor is actually half a million. That would mean that each person brings under $22K in revenue each year, which seems more realistic. Now, each worker costs less money to the big farms. Accordingly, the rest of the unions, lobbyists, and work force doesn’t want to flock to Indiana—except for people from a country with a lower cost of living than the US. 12% of Indiana’s work force contributing to 3.9% of the economy—try putting that in the next State of the Union Address—easy to believe, difficult to prove, unlikely to report.

At least two farming States and the Boston Globe are all in a tizzy about losing the illegals. But, no one seems to be able to figure out why farming States don’t like Trump.

Will the IRS investigate? Probably not. That whole taxation and representation part of history seems to be making an encore, along with America’s next and fast-approaching Bible study renaissance.

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Encore of Revival: America, April 4, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, April 4, 2016

Wisconsin’s primary will set the tone for the remainder of the election and even the transition into the next president. The principal question of this primary is about the people’s ability to see through deception. This year’s second-place candidates don’t seem to know when they are losing. Perhaps, they actually don’t care, since winning may not be their goal. Their supporters don’t seem to see any of this.

Cruz supporters say that Trump is also a hypocrite, having changed his views, but they don’t seem to see the difference between a civilian having a change of heart, then running for office vs an elected politician contradicting his campaign promises with his past voting record in Congress. The Sunday morning subculture really can’t recognize that difference any more than they can recognize when they are losing. This is because most of their history as Sunday morning Christians is filled with unfulfilled hopes and daily forgiveness of broken promises from pathological apologizers in church leadership.

Cruz’s well-rehearsed facade of the phony Sunday morning genre has hypnotized that Sunday morning subculture into ignoring Cruz’s money from lobbyists, voting for what they hate and he says he hates, and strikingly similar track record of high-effort failure. Walker oversaw an increase in State debt, then endorsed Cruz. When people spend large amounts of money on negative results, such as Sunday morning—declining as it is costly—they have to pull the wool over their own eyes and keep telling themselves they aren’t not doing the right thing. So, Cruz’ failures and Walker’s debt fit their definition of “good results”.

Put in simple terms, neither Cruz nor Churchianity know when they are losing. They always go down swinging, never winning. Churchianity can’t not trust Cruz, a fake who only has credibility from his ability to impersonate their Sunday morning show.

Trump, by contrast, visited St. Norbert College and spoke more about the students’ future. He told his story of encountering the famous William Levitt—of the Levitt towns—and shared what the then bankrupt William told him: He failed because he lost momentum. This is something that Cruz and Walker have neither the likelihood nor the experience to speak about. They are focused on campaign games while Trump speaks to the need of his audience, even in the closest and most critical primary yet and yet to come.

As goes Wisconsin’s wind, so will go the nation’s. The polls could change after Wisconsin, but the atmosphere won’t. The 2016 question asks whether Americans can see the difference between phony smoke, mirrors, puppets, and flip-flops and the real McCoy of results, leadership, and repentance unto hope. And, the answer will be foreshadowed in Wisconsin, tomorrow.

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Encore of Revival: America, March 28, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, March 28, 2016

With what happened between Cruz and Trump in Louisiana, it’s becoming less deniable why Cruz maintains a hopeless race. Isn’t it interesting how few things have helped the establishment like Cruz’s whopping failures? And, isn’t it more interesting that Cruz’s anti-establishment supporters can’t figure out how interesting that is?

American Churchianity seems to be looking for the candidate that they won’t need to hold accountable every day. They want someone they can elect and forget about. Remember all that rotgut we hear from clergy about the ongoing need for “Christian accountability”? Does Churchianity believe its own message about so-called “accountability”? Or does that apply to everyone except Cruz?

Maybe “accountability” only applies where money flows. Or, maybe not. But Cruz does seem to be the exception. His Christian supporters really seem to believe that he will need less accountability than any of the others. And that makes him the most dangerous man in America—not because of what he does, but because of what his supporters have turned him into. The same argument could be made for Trump, except that his supporters don’t seem to think he is the ideal messiah, just that he is best for this job. And, Trump supporters don’t seem to have plans for relaxation after the election.

Trump is already doing a great job of eliminating establishment waste. His candidacy has already proven that many “good old boy” jobs just aren’t needed. He is a Christian who is rarely seen on Sunday morning—something Christian “Cruzers” call a contradiction. But, Barna observed the same phenomenon: Millions of Christians left Sunday morning to know Jesus more. Now, it seems they support Trump. He also runs his campaign without a consultant, researcher, or speechwriter instructing him on which lies to tell to get elected this season. If we follow the money, we see that Trump’s loud-establishment opponents are most likely trying to keep the delusion that their own jobs aren’t unnecessary, not because they oppose his specific policies and values—they just oppose their own extinction.

Bernie hopes that superdelegates will change their vote. That would be like asking a political consultant to advice against having a political consultant. Yeah, right!

The election establishment views an election campaign speech as nothing more than a delphi technique meeting. They talk, pretend to listen and care about what people have to say, then give the people’s own conclusion to them. Whatever they say is what they think you ought to think, mixed with enough sweet-sounding nonsense so that you let the medicine go down. In their view, the public is not being very obedient. And, their Marie Antoinette complex is becoming ever more obvious.

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Encore of Revival: America, March 21, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, March 21, 2016

For better or worse, America is experiencing a change of heart. People are leaving Democratic candidates and Establishment, DC-favored Rubio, to vote Trump. Cruz is up. Kasich is up. Rubio is way down, and Trump is up even more. What does the math tell us? Other Republicans in total are getting more support than Rubio is losing. Democrats are switching. Right or wrong, a change of heart involves progress of conscience.

Danger looms on every horizon and good diagnosis is in high demand. The big dangerous thing about Trump is that we need him. We need his economic history of overcoming his own debt, work specialty of construction, and his low-budget operating to go to work for America. Needing anything is dangerous. The two dangerous things about Cruz are that his supporters think he is less corruptible than Trump and that his supporters are largely sectarian—Christians from bickering denominations, who misrepresent nearly everyone of the many people they take issue with.

Trump dissidents largely fall into two categories, one of them the Cruz supporters, the other, Democratic Socialists. Neither have a history of properly understanding their opponents. Both are offended that Trump fails their litmus test of character—tone of voice; Churchianity thinks that everyone who doesn’t talk like a beat-down looser is “prideful”; Liberals think that no one should be condescending and braggadocios except Liberals. Both critics say that he doesn’t have much money, but are angry at him for having a lot of money. This contradiction indicates someone grasping and drowning, rather than clear, reasoned thinking. Neither appreciates the power of rules—Churchianity because they have rules without power and Liberals because they have power without rules. Thinkers from both groups are largely unaccomplished theoreticians funded by donations from money-makers, employed by real job-creators, rarely the entrepreneurs who pay everyone else’s bills. They mainly critique what he says and how he says it. And, with all the real problems that Trump has, objections from these critics are all that we hear.

All men can be corrupted by power. America seems to forget that the bigger factors in any election don’t exist until two years afterward, and, the biggest, six. Our country is in ruin because, every change of term, we elect the next messiah, then go back to sleep. Only a true Messiah sleeps in the boat and, until Jesus arrives, We the people need to be our own messiah.

We can’t know who will be a good president before the fact, only whether we keep him good long after the election. China also tries to vet Hong Kong’s leaders in advance, rather than controlling the leaders’ decisions, whether the leaders are “good” or “bad”. No politician is above breaking promises, and no voter is above forgetting the emptiness of words. Nonetheless, all critiques, both pro and con, of all remaining presidential candidates focus on what the candidates say, not which mule can be harnessed to haul the load.

As for work mules, Trump is ideal, partially because he knows the work of infrastructure and firing people—arguably America’s two greatest needs—, but, more importantly, he has most of the country on high and healthy alert, just how the country always should be. As a work mule, Cruz is most dangerous because, while people would oppose him, the country would not be on alert much at all where a Cruz White House is concerned. And, Cruz is an ideal RINO: always failing valiantly while the opposition gains ground. Danger is most immanent, not when people warn of danger, but when people don’t. Sleeping watchmen is the problem. When Cruz talks, people go to sleep, either from daydreams of infatuation or because his tone encompasses all the boredom of Sunday morning. America’s best choice any day will have the diplomatic style of an alarm clock.

Complaints against Donald Trump are based on rhetorical style and distorted reports. He appears to have a tender heart behind a gruff voice, and the gruff voice puts off those whose only substance seems to be tone. And the people who call him a “racist” do so against evidence as strong as it is accessible. As objective as this Editor in Chief tries to be, the lack of sound dissent against Trump, coupled with the plethora of nonsense, almost has this editor convinced to endorse the man. But, the Times is holding out, insisting on being no more than just and observer.

As long as America looks for a messiah other than Jesus, she is doomed. We need to think about how to keep “We the people” in control, no matter who wins this November, and how to defeat both political parties for the election in 2024.

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