Prelude to Conflict: Asia, April 15

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, April 15

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

U.S. defense chief gets earful as China visit exposes tensions

‘White Justice Social Alliance’ supports precinct chief

…pro-China fake demonstrations in Taiwan, ostensible “social movement” bearing the name only a bureaucrat would create, indicating interference with issues that broach Taiwan-China relations

Officials pass the buck on removal of ART protesters

Internal-political tension rising inside Taiwan over issues not normally mentioned in world news

The end of China’s soft power?

Shifts in power and manner

DPP thanks U.S. House of Representatives for passage of H.R. 3470, The Taiwan Relations Act Affirmation and Navel Vessel 6 Transfer Act of 2014

US continued support for Taiwan, in midst of Chinese statements  · · · →

Puppet Democracies Are for Children: Washington “Adults” don’t Understand

Taiwan’s government does not have a robust system of checks and balances as the US does. Instead, has the near identical system of making laws as China’s government: new law doesn’t come from Congress or the President, but from the “Premiere”, a non-elected bureaucrat who heads the Executive branch comprised of other non-elected bureaucrats—in Taiwan the Executive Yuan, in China the State Council. The “puppet” nature of Taiwan’s democracy sheds some light on Taiwanese’s overall frustration with their government. It is reflected in the KMT’s recent proud remarks—that excessive power remains in the hands of the Executive branch, unlike Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution—read yesterday’s Taipei Times report for the inside baseball.

According to the Taipei Times article, if the Legislature does not approve the law proposed by the executive bureaucrats, then they have the authority to pass the motion into law as if it had been voted on.  · · · →

Sunflower Students to Leave Taiwan’s Legislature Thursday


先立法,再審查 (Photo credit: tomscy2000)

Taiwan legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) announced this morning that he would conduct no further discussions in the legislature concerning trade with China until a new law was passed providing oversight affecting all international trade agreements.

This type of legislation, supporting the DPP (民進黨) and Sunflower movement’s request for transparency, would be a significant change in Taiwan’s legislative process. The Executive branch, led entirely by non-elected appointees spare the President, has historically conducted all trade agreements in secret.

 Sunflower student leaders Lin Fei-fan (林飛帆) and Chen Wei-ting (陳為廷) followed Wang’s announcement with a joint statement to the press, that, in light of their request for trade transparency being promised by the legislature’s speaker, the students would leave the legislature’s chamber this Thursday.

President Ma and Wang, both members if the ruling members of the KMT (國民黨) party, have a history of conflict. Other KMT legislators quickly denounced Wang as having supposedly “sold them out” in his announcement that the legislature should provide oversight and transparency in trade agreements, particularly with China.  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, April 7

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, April 7

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

China’s plan for global network of surveillance satellites spurred by fruitless search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Koreas Trade Fire; Island Residents in Shelters

Special Issue on China’s Non-interference Policy

Power shifts are opportunities for power grabs.

US defence chief warns China, drawing parallel with Crimea

The US stance on China and the Pacific, in the wake of the Taiwan Sunflower movement

And the world’s most powerful nation is… [China]  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 31

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 31

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

The Hidden Agenda of President Ma’s ‘Economics First, Politics Later’ Cross-Strait Policy

Explanation of why Ma is so dangerous.

Foundation to file lawsuits over crackdown

The unspoken legal argument in the plaintiff’s favor is that the students were protecting Taiwan and the United States from alleged Chinese spies and saboteurs who had infiltrated the Taiwan Executive branch, namely Ma and the entire cabinet.

Wang Cho-Chiun: Police Responsible for Law Enforcement

Read and take note of the mentality behind this statement. For example, claiming that [KMT-appointed] police must remain impartial to political parties contradicts the fact that President Ma imprisoned Taiwan’s previous President, of the DPP-opposition party, for breaking a rule of thumb law that does not exist on paper, without offering him treatment for cancer.  · · · →