Tempo: April 23, 2015

Iran ships to Yemen, Defense Sec concerned about weapons. US Defense publishes cyberwarfare strategy, hoping to deter. Obama doing more executive action, this time with a twist. Hillary, Uranium, and Russian. Google to offer wireless. Bonus: Iron Man lives up to his name: @RobertDowneyJr Tweets to Aidan having a bad day.

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Tempo: April 22, 2015

Walker could win via anti-amnesty. Rubio meant what he said on amnesty. Police are getting nannied. Hillary-bash book to be released, contains old information, topic: foreign donations. First: Norway shuts off FM radio, digital costs less. Study: too many vitamins cause cancer, nothing on placebo; solution: centralized vitamins for children. Future: Why You Need to Eliminate All of Your Company’s Managers  · · · →

Tempo: April 21, 2015

China launches new free trade zones, Shanghai won’t relax. Britain doubts Buffet’s ‘too big to fail’-ness. More warnings of financial trouble from Fed circles. The US wants more money for Ukraine. Hillary wants more money for families. Cumo visits Cubanos, not Castros. A new ‘Clear’ app in time for election season—politically correct your Tweets. Bonus: Bitcoin Vs. Wall Street: A Love-Hate Story  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, April 20, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, April 20, 2015

Police violence and opposition are becoming a hot topic in America. The country is divided. Few offer real solutions. Many police are good. Racism is a problem, but is either exaggerated or belittled by politicians, media, authors, and speakers. Police training is a key problem—training must prepare officers to not be so domineering that they lose focus—training must instill habits of short-n-sweet apprehension that doesn’t leave an officer living in regret for taking a life. Eric Garner should not have died for evading cigarette tax.

Priorities are off. Leaders want to obscure political parties with irreconcilable ideologies and to erase political boundaries between non-congruent nations. The Mexican border has been abandoned from a bipartisan Establishment with a de facto desire to force a merger of the US and Mexico. At the same time, ISIS is reported to have a base only 8 miles from our largely abandoned Mexican border. “Amnesty” Republicans are unelectable, as 2012 told Romney.  · · · →