Encore of Revival: America, September 12, 2016


It’s been 15 years. And more than ever, we live in weird times. No one “wants” Trumps on the ballot.

Of course “donkey Democrats” support the face they’ve known for 25 years. They hate Trump because he doesn’t talk like a Democrat. But, ironically on the Conservative wing, it seems not a single Trump supporter is glad about the circumstances that make Trump’s candidacy even possible. Even the most avid “Trumpists” would gladly put Cruz or even Jeb on the ballot if the times were as such that they would have a viable run.

But, we aren’t in ordinary times. Instead, we live in such interesting times that Donald J. Trump is racing against Hillary R. Clinton for the nuclear codes. This election will be more like a trip to the doctor and the car mechanic than the usual errands for groceries and the post office; we’d all rather have stayed home.