Encore of Revival: America, April 9, 2018

America is unquestionably in a culture war. The two Black ladies, Diamond and Silk, are “unsafe to the community” according to Facebook. That might have been the last straw. Many people in America love those two women and will take Facebook’s opinion personally. It does have logical implications: If you like someone who is “unsafe to the community” then it stands to reason that you too are “unsafe”. After all, if you want to see Diamond and Silk videos in your feed then Facebook disagrees with you.

But, that’s not where it stopped.

Tony Robins, a pioneer in his field of encouraging people with self-motivation, has helped many people make better lives for themselves. He commented that using a hashtag on Twitter to feel good merely uses a drug called “significance”. People who clean up their lives have already come to teach themselves that being famous and harming someone else offer no improvement for quality of life. And, indeed, the “womens rights” movement is no exception—just like Christianity—in having been abused by people who just want to feel good by way of fame. Tony Robins did not disrespect the “MeToo” movement, but only called-out the human habit of using good things for an alternative purpose.

Then, a woman in the audience proved his point for him by contorting his defense of personal responsibility into something it was not.

False alarms diminish the value of the alarm. America needs an uprising of people who will not stay quiet in the face of abuse. Tony Robins identified a new, niche form of abuse as a warning against crying “victim” in excess. Alienating Tony will not hurt Tony, it will hurt the groupies who commandeered the genuine, real call to end degradation of women.

With a march on the way to the border and the military being called into question, America faces turbulence, but these things will not overcome the nation; they will purge the problems and make the nation stronger.

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